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The Island Girl --------- A unique touch of style and class!



Welcome to Island girl online fashion store!

Are you new around here and wondering what this is about?

Well, fasten your seat belt while I lead you through this breathtaking fashion ride about my brand.

 The ‘Island girl’ is a fashion brand that caters for all the fashion needs of the regular girl, the plus size girl and the curvaceous girl. The ‘Island girl’ offers you class, glam and simplicity all in one look.  This brand gives you that fashion edge you desire and bring your hidden features to life.

I started out the ‘Island girl’ boutique in July, 2004 in the Bahamas. Yes! I am an expert in this business of fashion and I have been in the clothing business for over 15 years in the Bahamas. I have always loved fashion and adored every trend that surfaced in fashion over the years. I love class, I love glamour, I love uniqueness, I love style and I strive to combine all of that in my brand.

As a child, I always admired everything that had to do with fashion. Subtly and slowly, I fell in love with fashion and that love grew with me till now. I have always dreamt of being a fashion designer. I always craved to help redefine people’s look and give them that unique touch of style and simplicity, they might not get anywhere else but here.

It’s been my dream to sell to people worldwide and reach every girl in every country. This was how ‘Island girl’ was born and this brand has been living up to its standards ever since.

The typical Island girl is a fashion – crazy girl who seeks for a certain difference in her fashion style and loves to be on the fashion edge. She is classy yet simple, she is different yet stylish. This is the Island girl and this is the image my brand promotes.

At Island girl, our dress styles are simple and are void of all forms of complicated extravagance. You can take a sneak peek of what this entails in our catalog section.

Do you love what you see? Then by all means, we are the one you’ve been searching for. Island girl is fully capable of catering for all your fashion needs.

At Island girl, we deal with up to date fashion trends. We sell fitted wears, fashionable accessories such as fashion jewelries, handbags, belts, shoes and every other fashion item designed to give you that distinct Island girl look.

Customer’s satisfaction is my utmost priority so by all means, Island girl is not just a fashion brand that sells fashionable wears and other items; Island girl is also a customer friendly brand that cares about your fashion needs and strives to satisfy them.

Island girl might not have all you want but as regards the subject of fashion, class and style, we have all you need for that unique look.

Thank you for joining us on this fashion ride!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Cheers!

Yours sincerely,

Keli H Albury